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In STEM class, students will be engaged in lessons that cover the above subjects.  


Science is at the base of STEM for many reasons. Science taps in to students’ natural curiosity, and provides the structure for learning across many disciplines.

Technology's use is critical to students’ success in the ever-changing global economy. Yet technology does not focus entirely on electronics and digital sources. More accurately, technology is the use of tools to make tasks easier and to help solve problems. It is the process by which humans modify nature to meet their needs and wants.

Engineering is the part of STEM that is the least understood. In the real world, science and engineering are not neatly divided. Scientists answer questions about the world around them, while engineers modify the world based upon humans’ wants and needs. Engineers apply science and mathematical concepts, using technology in creating solutions.  Engineering is seen when students work in groups or independently to find answers to a variety of situations.

Mathematics is the most understood aspect of STEM. It is also the discipline, due to its linear progression that cannot always be integrated. Elementary students must be able to recognize the number five before using five in more abstract situations.  STEM students apply their mathematical understandings in solving complex problems.   


  • This school year we will have a STREAM Expo in place of the science fair.  (Global Challenges, Local Solutions)

Example of what children can do to face the world's challenges.



 Invention made for good hygiene. (Tippy Tap)

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