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Language Arts!

Ms. J. Williams,Teacher 

Theme: Becoming A Better Writer!


GRADE 6 students will create a Poster for an Event or Product.

Details to include:

1) Name of the event or Product                                 

2) Catchy title or phrases                             

3) 3-4 pictures from magazine, newspaper, internet  or drawings that relates to their event/product                   

4) Event location, time and place, event sponsors, 

Rubric Score - range from 0-5 for 4 areas = 4x5= 20 x5=100

1. All required elements are evident

2. Layout of the poster clearly reflects its purpose and space is approriately used for words/phrases and visuals.

3. 3-4 Photos/Drawings used all relate to the event/product

4. Captions and words show creative effort with varied font size and color

NOTE: 5 Bonus Points for effective use of computer/technology


PARENTS! Please note grades 7 & 8 have been assigned a visual presentation poster board. Students were given time to start on this as of 11/13/17.

ASSIGNED 11/13/17

DUE 11/20/17

4 Writing Assignments from the 1st Trimester will be used to guide them in their creative presentation.

Grade 7 - "Me, Myself, and I"

1. Personal Mimic

2. Wishes/ Dreams

3. Story of My Name 

4. My Room

Grade 8 - "The Me Nobody Knows"

1. "Me" Likes & Dislikes Cluster Web

2. Life Events (turning points)

3. Wishes / Dreams

4. Story of My Name


Poster board no larger than 22 x 28

Pictures and/or drawings from magazines, newspaper, internet, etc.

Layout is creative with use of different font size and styles

Pictures are displayed neatly and relates to the writng drafts


Scoring: Rubirc score from 0-4 for 5 areas =  20 x 5 = 100

0-4  All areas are present on the board.

0-4  All items are neatly displayed and pictures and/or drawings relates to writing drafts.

0-4 There is evidence of creativity through layout, use of color and different font size and/or styles or writing.

0-4  Use of computer/technology is evident.

0-4  Overal presentation is pleasing to the eye space is used wisely, and words are spelled correctly.


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