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4/Language Arts Wordle



Welcome to

Language Arts!

Ms. J. Williams,Teacher 

Theme: Becoming A Better Writer!



Grade 8

Group Presentations will be concluded  Thursday in class. 


Grade 5 and Grade 6

5/14/18 TEST

tomorrow  See

Homework for

reviewof tested skills



Additional Review pages have been added

for students to review their skills to

strengthen a little at a time. See the

HOMEWORK page. Thank you - 5/11/18


Gr. 5 will have a test next Tuesday

Review test skills on pages 497, 498, & 499  

Gr. 6 will have a test next 


Review test skills pg.544,545,

& 546 - Rule #2-5 





GR. 7 & Gr. 8 Parents

Kindly note 

there will be a TEST THURDSAY on

LA pages 329-332 for Grade 7

LA pages 338-340 for Grade 8

Please make sure time is set aside for students to study tonight and Wednesday. If possible, review the above pages with them. Students have notes you may also review with them. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you ,





Attention Parents

Grades 5, 6, 7 & 8


Gr. 5-Spring Poetry Rap Presentation will be completed on Monday


Grade 6 - We will fininsh "How To..." presentatiions on Monday


Gr.7 - We will start movie review presentation on Monday 


Gr. 8 - We will continue with Article Presentations 




Grade 5 J

Spelling Test on Friday             

Spring Rap Poem due Friday (1st draft away from WN)

LA Test next Tuesday(adverbs, double negative, puncuation for direct quotation & interjection, combining sentences) SEE LA Pages 541, 542, & 543 for TEST REVIEW                                      

Grade 6A

How To Presentation on Friday & Monday Spring Poem Rap due Friday (1st draft away from writer's notebook)

LA Test next Tuesday (progressive form, perfect tense form , linking verbs, comparative and superlative adjectives) SEE LA PAGES 538, 539, 542 for TEST REVIEW 

Gr. 7I

Editorial presentation Friday & Monday

Final draft Compaint Letter due Thursday

LA Test Tuesday(Lesson 6.5, 6.6, 6.7, 6.8); Review/Study notes for key ideas (short responses will be included)

Gr. 8C

Journalistic Article presentation Friday & Monday

Ad/Poster final draft due Friday                 

LA Test next Tuesday (Lessons 6.5, 6.6, 6.7, 6.8); Review/Study notes for key ideas (short responses will be included) 



Attention Parents Grade 5, 6, 7, & 8

Spring Break Assignment



Writing Project: Create a Journalistic Featured Article 

Students will plan, research, and write a persuasive proposal in the format of a magazine article, size 12 font, 2-3 columns, front-to-back if needed, colorful, variety in font size and style if appropriate; 3-4 appropriate visuals - picture, graph, chart, diagram, etc.  




The Writer's  Choice Lessons 6.5 -6.7 will be reviewed after the holiday break. Students should plan to review each lesson over the break. 

Writing Project: Create an Editorial page - Students will plan, research, and write an editorial for a persuasive proposal (size 12 font, 1 appropriate visual, 2 columns, front-to-back if needed; overall product is neat and organized 


Grade 6

Writing Project: Create a"How To" booklet Students will plan and write step-by-step procedures on how to do something that they can do well or would like to do (3-4 appropriate visuals, include introduction and a closing, legible if written or size 12 fornt if written; overall work is neat and organized.


Grade 5

Writing Project: Students will create  Comic Strip Story (at least 6 frames; show dialogue in speech bubbles, include at least 2-3 interjections, drawings/pictures are colorful, legible handwriting or type, overall work is neat and organized)



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