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Each month the Academy of Our Lady of Grace honors a Saint.  Please joining in recognizing the tremendous men and women that dedicated their lives to love, faith, good work and spreading the Word of God.


AOLG Saints of the Month for 2018


"The Love of Christ urges us on."



Saint Rosalia

          Saint Rosalia became a patron saint of Palermo in 1666.  Saint Rosalia devotion had spread wherever hosts of Sicilian immigrants went, bringing along the memories of traditions from the three young saints, Lucia of Syracuse, Agata of Catania and Rosalia patron of Palermo. 


         Saint Rosalia was a daughter of a noble family descended from Charlemagne. She was born in Palermo, Sicily.  In her youth, her heart turned from earthly vanities to God.  Saint Rosalia made herself an abode in a cave on Mount Pelegrino, three miles from Palermo where she completed the sacrifice of her heart to God. 


         Saint Rosalia died in 1160.  Her body was found buried in a grot under the mountains, in the year of the jubilee, 1625, under Pope Urban VII., and was translated into the church of Palermo. This was when Saint Rosalia was chosen a patroness. 


          Saint Rosalia is also known as La Santuzza (the little saint). Saint Rosalia was raised around the royal Sicilian court.  In 1625, during the period of plague, Saint Rosalia was credited with saving the city, and she was proclaimed its patroness.  The traditional celebration of Rosalia lasted for days, involved fireworks and parades.  Her feast day was made a holy day of obligation by Pope Plus XI in 1927.