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Our Lady of Grace Price List 2017 2018



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Lunch Outstanding Charge Policy

 The Academy of Our Lady of Grace has a cafeteria where the children eat their lunch. Lunch should be sent in each morning with your child. Special delivery of lunches to the office will not be allowed. You can order food from the school lunch program if you do not wish to prepare your child’s lunch. Specialty lunch: e.g., Burger King, cannot be delivered at lunch time. With the growth of our school population, this is not possible.

The Academy of Our Lady of Grace has a contract with Maschio’s Food Services to provide students with a daily hot lunch. Lunch is ordered through Maschio’s online service which can be found through a link on the homepage of the school website. Please purchase your meals prior to the day a particular lunch is served in order to allot the kitchen staff sufficient time to order the food necessary for each student. Your child can bring money for a lunch the day it is served, but please be aware, the food is made-to-order and the kitchen staff only cooks the necessary amount of food to prevent wastefulness of product. Therefore, if your child brings in money the day of a particular lunch, he/she cannot be guaranteed that the food provided will be the hot lunch meal for that day. Instead, your child may receive a bagel or a roll with butter along with the side dishes. The same applies if your child does not have credit on his/her lunch account and fails to bring in money to buy food the day of. In this case, your child’s lunch account will be charged and he/she will be fed although it cannot be guaranteed that the food provided will be the hot lunch meal for that day. Please understand, the kitchen staff orders and cooks a specific amount of hot lunches each day. You would not want to be told that your child didn’t have a hot lunch that day, even though you paid, because the food was given to students who unexpectedly purchased lunch the period before.

  • The Lunch Policy has a lot of information about the lunch program. 

  •  To contact the Maschio's on site people please use this email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • The Online payment site can be found here: www.PayForIt.net - once on that site you can create a new account using the link beneath the login username and password. Our District is in the drop down list and is 'NJ - Our Lady of Grace'.

  •   There is a lot new about our Cafeteria Point of Sale Debit System. Here is a flyer with payment coupon for those who wish to send payment directly to the school - click on Maschio's Cafeteria POS System