Our Lady of Grace Price List 2017 2018


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Lunch Outstanding Charge Policy


The Academy of Our Lady of Grace has a working cafeteria. Lunch is to be sent in each morning with your child, or food can be ordered from Maschio's Food Services. Its online service can be found through a link on the homepage of the school's website. Special delivery of lunches to the office is not permitted.

Maschio's provides students with a daily hot lunch. Meals need to be purchased in advance to allow the kitchen staff to prepare the proper quantity of meals for each day. Students can bring money for lunch the day it is served, but it is not guaranteed a hot meal will be available for purchase. A cheese sandwich or bagel with butter along with side dishes may need to be substituted. The same applies if students do not have credit in their account and fail to have money to purchase lunch. As a result, students' lunch accounts will then be charged.

  • For information about Maschio's Food Services click here to their web site.
  • To contact Maschio's on site staff, use this email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • The online payment site can be found here: www.payschoolscentral.com - once on this site a new account can be created using the link beneath the login username and password. Our district is in the drop down list and is 'NJ - Our Lady of Grace'.
  • Information about the Cafeteria Point of Sale Debit System is available with a payment coupon for those who wish to send payment directly to the school - click on Maschio's Cafeteria POS System.