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Before Care Program


For the convenience of our parents, the Academy of Our Lady of Grace will provide "Before Care" for any student from 7:30 AM until 7:50 AM. The cost for this service is $2.00 per day/per child. Payment must be in cash at time of drop-ff each day. Children must enter the school through the gym door (located on Kamena Street) and ring the bell that is located on the left hand corner of the doorway.

The following Before Care Registration Form must be completed before you are eligible to participate in the program.


BEFORE CARE REGISTRATION 2018-2019 (click here to view)


After Care Program

Hours: 2:50 PM to 6:00 PM on regular school days.

Registration Form must be completed and $10 registration fee (per family) paid before you are eligible to participate in the After Care Program.


AFTER SCHOOL SIGN UP FORM 2018-2019 (click here to view)


Effective with the 2018-2019 school year, all fees related to After Care will be charged twice a month via your FACTS account. Payments are no longer remitted to the school directly.



Time Per Day / Per child
2:50PM - 3:30PM $6.00
2:50PM - 4:00PM $11.00
2:50PM - 6:00PM $16.00


First Friday Fees:

Time Per Day / Per Child
12 Noon – 3:00PM $15.00
12 Noon – 4:00PM $18.00
12 Noon – 6:00PM $25.00


Late Fees:

The program ends at exactly 6:00 PM. Parents must be at school before 6:00 PM to take their child home. If this pick-up time is not adhered to, there will be a late charge of $1.00 for every minute that a student is left waiting with the teacher. This will be strongly enforced due to the past abuse in this area. If you are aware that you could possibly be late, please contact us at 201- 945-1201 and notify us as to arrangements for your child to be picked up at the appropriate time. If you fail to notify the school that you will be late, the person you listed to call in case of an emergency will be contacted to arrange for your child to be picked up.