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All Youth and Young Adult activities are moderated and coordinated by Fr. Peter Sticco, Pastor

Our Youth ministry offers a place where our pre-teens and teens from our school, CCD program and our parish community go to share their faith, ideas, beliefs, problems, success, and failures. For our youth, this is a place where they can laugh and cry, where they are accepted for themselves, they don’t have to compete. They are surrounded by an atmosphere of love, caring and faith. It’s a time to express their feelings and let them know they will have to allow their leaders and peers to express their feelings and beliefs. We hope to gently guide them in the right/positive direction.


Our Junior Youth Group meets on Sunday evenings from 6:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. It is a Place where the 6th, 7th and 8th graders from our school, CCD program and our parish community gather for weekly meetings and cover topics of faith, values and religion.  They also have time to play basketball, games, sit and listen to music and usually every two weeks we plan a meeting for them that are specific to their age group. The Senior Youth Group members also join them and our young adults work with Fr. Peter and myself on giving the meetings.


Our Senior Youth Group meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 P.M. in the Church Hall. The age group runs from 8th graders from our school, CCD program and parish community through college.  Our weekly meetings deal with the issues that face our young people in today’s world concerning their values, morals and faith and special liturgical events. Our youth ministry includes Lock-ins, winter and summer retreat programs, pilgrimages to Rome, World Youth Days, picnics for the Shut-ins, serving in soup kitchens, helping to organize and distribute Christmas gifts for the less fortunate from our parish Family Giving Tree, our Santa Breakfast, Easter Egg Hunt, Holy Week activities, participation in our children’s choir and youth choir, and our yearly musical productions involving all ages from our children’s’ choir, teens, young adults and parish community.

In all of our activities our youth are given the opportunity to use their God-given talents. Youth ministry must include time for faith, fun, socializing and sometime just quiet time together.



Our Young Adult Group encompasses the age group running from 18 through 35. These Young adults begin to participate in this group as freshmen in college. This ministry meets about every five weeks We meet for dinner and we have guest speakers come in to cover topics relevant this age group and participate in social events. Our young adults are also involved in community service and work on programs with our younger groups. Our
young adults work during the summer on service projects in Mexico, West Virginia, Kentucky, New Orleans, Memphis, Belise; they make sandwiches and distribute them with warm clothing in the poor, homeless parts of New York and New Jersey.

Our young adults who have been with us since 6th grade have taken on Leadership Roles within our Youth Ministry and carry the Charism of St. Vincent out into the world at their colleges and in their careers. Many of them going into teaching, education, administration, community service (policemen/firemen). They spend time with the kids giving retreats and meetings, helping direct our shows, coach, teach singing and dancing, playing ball, helping with homework, telling stories, listening to kids who are in trouble or just need someone to give them a bit of special attention.

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